Food System Assessment

Learn about Dubuque’s Local Food System

The Health and Food System Assessment is a compilation of various research data showcasing the existing conditions of the food system in Dubuque.  Based on review of qualitative and quantitative data available in 2016, including from stakeholder interviews and public input sessions, it highlights various projects that fall within the food system sectors of Production, Transformation + Processing, Distribution and Transformation, Access and Consumption, and Resource Management. Read more About the Assesment

Download the Full Report: 2016 Greater Dubuque Food & Health Needs Assessment

Download the Snapshot: 2016 Dubuque County Food System Assessment

Powerpoint: Introduction to the Agricultural Urbanism Process and Food Assessment Overview

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Science, art, or occupation that involves cultivating land, raising crops, hunting, fishing, foraging or farming

Transformation + Processing

Transformation of raw ingredients, physically or chemically, transforming into a value-added market

Distribution + Marketing

Moving product from farm or processing site to consumer; including distribution and sales

Access + Consumption

Opportunities for an individual to gain access to food in a physically safe, financially viable, and culturally competent way

Resource Management

Efficient and effective deployment and allocation of community and business resources as it relates to land, water, soil, plants, food and created materials

Each tactic is analyzed on its contributions to core community systems:

Production, distribution or trade, and consumption of limited goods and services by different agents in a given geographical location
Networks of relationships among people working toward food system development; incorporation of education, culture and arts to achieve goals
Ability to be equal in status, rights, and opportunities- specifically for food access, food production, and general ability to have equal opportunity for access to healthy living
Ability to be free from illness or injury with good mental and physical conditions: opportunity to connect to areas to promote healthy lifestyles
Environment (Natural and Built)
Natural assets including geology, soil, air, water, and living things: ecosystem services allowing for healthy, sustainable food production; Material, spatial and cultural product of human labor- combines physical elements and energy for living, working and playing