“Eat Like a Local”- Dubuque Mealtime Favorites

Sometimes our family’s favorite meals are as diverse as our family members themselves, but there are some mealtime favorites that you can be sure are winners among residents of Dubuque County.  Like turkey and dressing sandwiches for instance, if you’ve heard of them, then you probably grew up here. This week I have researched and … Continue reading “Eat Like a Local”- Dubuque Mealtime Favorites

“Eat Like a Local”: Buying Local at the Grocery Store

As the cold moves in and farmers market season draws to a close, there is no doubt that fresh, local produce items will be harder to find.  Just because you are hunkering down for winter, doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating local.  In fact, you may already be eating more locally than you … Continue reading “Eat Like a Local”: Buying Local at the Grocery Store

“Eat Dubuque County!” Week Wrap Up

What a great week!  The Dubuque County area has some amazing foods and the quality of our family’s meals this week has been incredible. Take a look at some of our local eats: Wednesday Ray’s Breakfast- eggs, cinnamon roll, apples, and honey Local Items: eggs from Beckers Farm Fresh eggs, Dyersville, IA cinnamon roll- Anna … Continue reading “Eat Dubuque County!” Week Wrap Up

“Eat Dubuque County!” Day 6: Thursday

Today, Ray & I attended the Regional Food Systems Working group meeting in Nevada, IA.  It was a great opportunity for local food supporters from across the state to get together, share ideas, and learn more about our passion of working with local foods.  Our lunch today was catered by Robyn Anderson from “The Bistro … Continue reading “Eat Dubuque County!” Day 6: Thursday

Eat Dubuque County! Early Week Update

What a week! …and it’s already half way over!  Ray and I have enjoyed many different Dubuque County area food and drink the past four days, with three more days to go! Check out our meals below: Saturday Brittany’s Breakfast- blueberry muffin, Barb’s Garden & Pantry, Eldridge, IA Brittany’s Dinner-pizza Local Items: tomatoes from Alan … Continue reading Eat Dubuque County! Early Week Update