Upcoming Master Gardener Spring Seminar


Spring is coming and what better way to celebrate the season than to get outside and get growing in the garden!  This St. Patrick’s Day, join the Dubuque County Master Gardeners as they present their spring seminar themed “Luck of the Garden.” Session topics will include things like organic gardening, tips for growing potatoes and other root crops, and gardening planning for beginning gardeners.

Check out the details below for this fun and ‘green’ event! Registration is $20 in advance, $25 at the door.  Registrations can be made by calling the Dubuque County Extension Office at 563-583-6496.

“Luck of the Garden” Master Gardener Spring Seminar

Saturday March 17, 2018


NICC Town Clock Business Center, 700 Main St., Dubuque, IA 52001

Early Registration: $20 per person by March 16th.  Register by calling the Extension Office with your name, contact information, and class choices at (563) 583-6496.  Payment can be taken over the phone via credit card or can be mailed in by check to Dubuque County Extension, 14858 West Ridge Ln. Suite 2, Dubuque, IA 52003.  Checks should be made out to “Dubuque County Extension”.

Session I Choices 8:15-9:15

Discovering Midwest Heirloom Vegetables  Cory Ritterbusch of Prairie Works

Ever wonder what the craze is all about for Heirloom Vegetables? Cory will discuss heirloom plants and give you practical knowledge to consider growing them. You will learn the differences between heirloom and standard seed varieties you find. After this class, you may have new favorites!

Dubuque Soils and Soil Health Courtney Myers of Natural Resource Conservation Service

This session will focus on soil formation, soil properties, and the types of soil found in Dubuque County. Participants will learn about using web soil survey to identify soils on their own property. Soil health properties and how to improve your soil health will also be explored.

Cover Crops and Organic Gardening Ray Kruse of the Dubuque County Extension

We will be talking about fall cover crop options for gardens, some immediate benefits and potential long term benefits. We will also be talking about organic gardening approaches to pest management and some misconceptions there may be with organic gardening.

Session II Choices 9:30-10:30

Prairie Plants and Pollinators Jen Nieland of Natural Resource Conservation Service

We will discuss native prairie plants and the pollinators that work with these particular plants. Unique insect-plant relationships will also be discussed. We will talk about the use of prairie plants in yard plantings and details to consider when establishing a native prairie plant garden.

Square Foot Gardening Dan Stoudt

Square foot gardening is for those just starting out as well as for experienced gardeners who want to downsize their gardens. Square foot gardening is just right for anyone who wants to have a salad garden. Dan will share tips on getting started, tools and items needed and plenty of how to advice. There will be everything except for the soil.

2018 New Annuals, Perennials, and Hydrangeas Doug Wagner Sr. of Wagner Nursery

2018 garden selection can be overwhelming. How do we select the right perennials, annual and hydrangeas for our garden? Which plants are the best for Iowa gardens? Doug Wagner from Wagner Nurseries will show some of the newest and coolest perennials, annuals and hydrangeas available this year.

Session III Choices 10:45-11:45

Small Scale, Big Flavor: An Introduction to Growing Microgreens Brittany Demezier of the Dubuque County Extension

In this workshop, we will explore the flavor packed world of microgreens and how you can grow your own. Unlike most mature vegetables and herbs, microgreens don’t require much space to thrive, and they grow well indoors. These tiny, but nutrient-packed, vegetable greens are perfect for busy gardeners who love to cook and want to grow at home year-round! Come and learn how to add some spice to your life with homegrown microgreens!

Murphies and All Things Roots Ray Kruse of the Dubuque County Extension

In the festivities of the day we will discuss a very Irish crop of potatoes. Ray will share tips for growing this crop in your garden. He will also discuss sweet potatoes, onions and carrots for the home garden.

Invasive Plants and Their Management Cory Ritterbusch of Prairie Works

Let’s talk about the growing concern of invasive plants taking over our yards, streams, and fields. Cory will discuss why they are a threat and how we, as local gardeners, can play a role in managing them from overtaking of beneficial native plants.

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