“Eat Like a Local- Restaurant Edition” L.May Eatery


When you walk into L.May Eatery, it is like you are walking into the home of a good friend.  Family photos, wholesome home décor, and the smell of homemade food make you feel right at home from the moment you walk in the door.   L.May prides itself on presenting “gourmet comfort food,” a more upscale version of some classic family favorites, using local ingredients, and serving you with a smile.

As a local business, they know the importance of remaining connected to the community, and that has been a big factor in their purchasing choices for the restaurant.  Local purchasing is important for them to give back and support the communities that support them by eating at their restaurant.  It may be the secret that has kept them in business for the last ten years.

As a local small business, owner Lea Droessler says it just made sense for them to source their items locally.  The difference can be seen in the quality of food; the produce lasts longer and gives a more authentic flavor to the food that comes out of the kitchen.  L.May is constantly adapting their offerings to feature products from local producers, be it a local pork product, homegrown produce, or honey and maple syrup from nearby farms, there’s always something new at L.May. Their menu is constantly changing to give patrons the best of what Dubuque has to offer in-season.  In fact, you will see Chef Tony at the farmer’s market all year long, at the Saturday downtown farmers market in the summer and at the Dubuque Winter Market in the winter, to buy food for use in the restaurant over the weekend.

On the menu at L.May you may find entrees like pork tenderloin with a wild mushroom sauce and a “you’re in Dubuque” pizza made with locally sourced ingredients.  Nightly specials vary and may even change based on what Chef found at the market that day.  You can even drink locally too by having a beer from another Dubuque gem: Jubeck’s New World Brewing.

Overall, L.May strives to give you a local, healthy, and refreshing experience by giving you classic comfort food with a local and gourmet twist. Check them out on Main Street in Dubuque next time you are in the mood for a good wholesome meal.  It’ll feel like visiting an old friend, and you’ll leave wishing that you would catch up more often.

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