Support Local this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away!  Do you have something in mind for your sweetheart?

According to a survey of shoppers in 2016, most Americans will spend about $50 on Valentine’s Day gifts.  And the #1 gift?  FOOD!  The top Valentine’s Day gift is a meal out, followed by a tie between chocolate and flowers.  So if you’re thinking of taking a night out with your sweetie, why not support local farms and businesses?!

For the past several weeks the Dubuque Eats Well coalition has been highlighting different restaurants in Dubuque County that support and serve local foods.  Consider supporting one of these establishments or others that serve locally sourced items for your Valentine’s Day dinner.  Share the love and let your server know that you choose their restaurant because it supports local foods.

If you already have the night planned, surprise your sweetheart with a gift of homemade candy caramels from Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey or decadent chocolate candies from Betty Jane Candies.  For a truly ‘sin’ful gift, give the gift of Sinsinawa Mound cinnamon bread or caramel rolls. Or give something the whole family can enjoy by purchasing a CSA subscription and celebrate your love all summer long!  Whatever you do, we hope you choose to support local food businesses this February 14 and give the gift of love through good quality, local food!

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy eating!

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