Preparing Produce

So you have produce from the market….now what?  Let’s get it ready to eat!

It may seem like a chore, but taking time to prepare your produce right when you get home from market is a great way to make sure that you get the most out of your purchases.  Before putting anything away, vow to wash, chop, de-stem, peel, or otherwise prepare those items that you will be using throughout the week.

Do you love snacking on apple slices and caramel?  Take the time to cut your apple slices, sprinkle with lemon or lime juice to keep them from browning, and all of a sudden you have an easy, already prepared snack you can feel good about!  The same goes for carrots, onions, watermelon, and all the other fresh fare favorites.  Washing and cutting up produce now will encourage you to use it throughout the week. After cutting, chopping, or peeling those items make sure they are stored in an airtight container to keep them looking fresh.

Of course, certain items, are best not to prepare, like peeling potatoes or husking sweet corn.  Use your best judgement when doing produce prep.  If you aren’t sure what to do, check out the ISU Eat Smart, Spend Smart website for more information.

Making fruit and vegetable prep part of your weekly market routine can make it much easier to make that healthy, local, fresh choice when it comes to meal prep and snacking.  It may seem like a pain, but you will thank yourself later in the week.

Happy eating!

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