Eat Dubuque County!

“Eat Dubuque County!”

September is Local Foods Month!

To celebrate, Dubuque County Food Systems Program Coordinators Ray Kruse and Brittany Demezier will be taking a week to “Eat Dubuque County!”  We will be kicking off the week at the Dubuque Farmers Market on September 16 and will spend the week eating exclusively locally produced foods for all our meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks!

We invite you to join in the fun too!  The goal is to use as many local products as possible to prepare your meals.  Each item that is prepared will include at least one locally sourced ingredient.  As always, the more the merrier, so join in the fun and take the local challenge too!

Each day we will be highlighting a different meal in our blog post, but all our local fare will be listed within our post, along with ingredients (and where to find them!) and the cost for the day.

Before we get started, we will be highlighting aspects of eating locally, like eating on a budget, preparing produce, home gardening, and how to shop the farmers market. So stay tuned, and join in the adventure September 16-22 to “Eat Dubuque County!”

Follow us on social media during our week-long adventure and share your local meals on Facebook and Instagram with #eatdubuque.

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